The 1100 Series includes flat-top tower cranes with maximum loads of 11 020 to 17 640 lb and maximum reach of 172.2 to 213.3 ft, with with possibilities every 2.5 metres.

These tower cranes come with Comansa’s double trolley system, with automatic reeving switchover to optimise the load diagram:

  • When the crane needs to move its maximum load, it works with the double trolley
  • When the maximum jib-en load is required, the crane only works with the front trolley and at the maximum speed.

Except for the 11LC90 model, the 1100 Series tower cranes use panelled tower sections. This design makes it possible to transport the same metres of tower section in fewer shipping containers or lorries, saving money on transport, especially for long distances.

The tower crane models in the 1100 Series are: