Within the wide range of flat-top tower cranes offered by Comansa, the 1600 Series can be considered mid range. The tower cranes in this series have maximum loads of 17 640, 22 050 or 16 450 lb and reach of 213.3 and 229.7 ft.

These models share several jib sections with the 1100 Series, while the 2-metre-wide tower sections are compatible with those used by the tower cranes in the 2100 Series. This compatibility and interchangeability between sections makes it easier to manage rental fleets.

Another advantage of these Flat-top tower cranes is their design with no cat-head part, making assembly easier. Moreover, all the parts of the series are lightweight for quick and safe assembly.

The slewing, trolley and hoist movements of the 1600 Series tower cranes feature variable frequency, allowing operators to move and distribute loads smoothly, accurately and safely.

The 1600 Series includes the following tower crane models: