5LC4510 Flat-Top Crane

  • Reach: 147.5 ft
  • Jib-end load: 2 200lb + 10% with PowerLift
  • Maximum load: 8 820 or 11 020 lb

The 5LC4510 crane has a maximum reach of 147.5 ft and, like the rest of the models in the 500 Series, comes in 8 820 and 11 020 lb versions. It can move loads of up to 2 200 lb at its maximum radius, plus an additional 10% when the PowerLift system is activated.

The optional hoist motors available for the 5LC4510 include the 18 kW version (24 hp) with frequency control, enabling optimal load control by the operator at speeds of up to 302 ft per minute.

Technical features

  Maximum load Reach Jib-end load Technical
data sheet
Normal PowerLift
5LC4510 4t 8 820 lb 147.5 ft 2 200 lb 2 430 lb
5LC4510 5t 11 020 lb 147.5 ft 2 200 lb 2 430 lb


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