Located in the municipality of Torre de Moncorvo., the Baixo Sabor Hydroelectric Plant is comprised by two dams at the Sabor river, set 9.5 kilometres apart from each other. 15 Comansa tower cranes were used for the construction of this project.

Two 21LC750, three 21LC550 and one 5LC1010 worked at the secondary dam.
Two 21LC290 (currently 21LC335) built a new bridge to substitute the previous, which was submerged by the water.
Four cranes model 10LC140 (currently the improved 11LC150) worked int he construction of the main dam.
A LC5211 (currently 11LC90) built part of the dam´s facilities.
Two 5LC1050 worked as service cranes at an outdoor warehouse for construction materials.

Key aspects:

  • The erection of some of the cranes was a challenge due to the difficult accessibility. Thanks to the modular system of the Comansa cranes, the erectors used the existing blondins at the jobsite (which are used in dams to pour large amounts of concrete) to transport and erect the cranes. This solution, quite unusual, allowed to efficiently use the available resources on site and also important economic savings.
  • Ibergru, Comansa’s official distributor in Portugal since 2002, participated in the project not only supplying the rental cranes, but also contributing with its experience in large scale projects and advising the jobsite management in choosing the right equipment for each task. IBERGRU also planned, coordinated, and executed all logistics entailed by the erection of the cranes, in conditions of difficult accessibility given the complex topography of the jobsite.


Opening: 2015
Customer: Energías de Portugal (EDP)
General contractor: temporary consortium Baixo Sabor ACE, formed by Odebrecht / Bento Pedroso Construções and Lena Construções
Key partner: Rental company Ibergru, official Comansa dealer in Portugal.

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