The Cambambe Hydroelectric Power Station, located about 180 kilometres south-east of Luanda, the capital of Angola, was opened in 1962. In 2009, a six-year project began to expand the power station to increase its energy production and serve a much larger population.

One part of the project involved raising the height of the dam by 20 metres. Three Comansa cranes helped install the more than 65,000 cubic metres of concrete necessary for the project: Two 21LC750 models and one 21LC400 model (currently the 21LC450).

Key aspects:

  • To assemble the first 21LC750, a special concrete base with a very narrow width was created and anchored to the river bank. Close collaboration between Comansa and the customer was fundamental for the correct design of this base.
  • The second 21LC750 was assembled with a special tower configuration to reach a free-standing height of 87.2 metres.
  • After a year and a half working on the site, the first 21LC750 was moved and the 21LC400 assembled in its place, the latter boasting 80 metres of free-standing height and two transition sections.
  • The relocated 21LC750 was then used for building the ´power house´ or power generation centre, moving segments weighing up to 19 tonnes to be used for tunnels, and hoisting and putting into place the turbines and generator sets.
  • The assembly and jacking up of the first 21LC750 was carried out by Comansa´s Technical Support Service.


Completion of the expansion project: 2015
Construction company: Norberto Odebrecht
Key partner: Ibergru, official Comansa dealer in Portugal, with offices in Angola since 2008. Ibergru rented out the 21LC400 crane (currently the 21LC450) for the project, provided technical support services and carried out most of the assembly and dismantling work.

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