Flat-Top Tower Cranes

Comansa offers a full range of flat-top tower cranes. Their design without pendant lines, taken from the Linden technology, makes them easier to assemble and results in major savings, especially on projects that have several cranes working at the same time.

Comansa’s modular system of flat-top tower cranes can be configured in a wide variety of ways to perfectly adapt to the needs of each project. Moreover, certain jib and counter-jib components can be assembled on different models of the same series for added versatility and savings in terms of rental fleets.

Comansa’s flat-top tower cranes come standard equipped with several systems to improve performance, such as the PowerLift system, which allows to improve the load chart by 10%, always without exceeding the rated load.

Comansa’s range of flat-top tower cranes includes the following series:

500 Series

1100 Series

1600 Series

2100 Series

3000 Series