Kalisindh Thermal Power Station, India

At 202 metres high, the cooling towers at the Kalisindh Thermal Power Station in India are the tallest in the world. Two Comansa 21CM290 cranes (now the 21CM335), each with a maximum load of 18 tonnes, were used to build them, both reaching a height of 217 metres.

Key aspects: 

  • The cranes were jacked up on several occasions with a hydraulic cage and tied with cables to the tower wall, ensuring optimal performance and total stability.
  • Because it was not possible to use a mobile crane at 217 metres high, a special dismantling system designed by Comansa was used to dismantle the cranes after the towers were built. This system allowed the cranes themselves to be used to dismantle the jib sections and lower them through the inside of the cooling tower until there was enough space for them to be jacked down.


Commissioning of the power station: 2014
Customers: BGR Energy Systems Ltd. and the Rajasthan State Government

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