The legendary "Jornalista Mário Filho” stadium, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil was reformed with the support of four Comansa cranes before the 2014 FIFA World Cup in 2014 and the 2016 Olympic Games.

Key aspects of the Maracaná stadium renovation:

  • The four cranes, model 21LC400 (later upgraded to 21LC450), were erected with jib length of 70 meters, which allowed them to reach the entire jobsite.
  • Due to Comansa’s modular system and the Flat-Top design, the cranes were erected with a difference on height of only 5.5 meters, in other words, one mast section.
  • This supposed an important saving not only in structure, but also in costs of erection and disassembly of the cranes ath the Maracaná stadium.
  • The main task of the cranes was the construction of the stands at the Maracaná stadium, by lifting steel and prefab structures.

Completion of the project: 2013
Construction company: "Consórcio Maracanã Rio 2014", formed by Odebrecht Infraestrutura and Andrade Gutierrez

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