Service, support and spare parts

Comansa's customers work under pressure and to very tight schedules. Comansa is very familiar with the demands of construction projects, which is why its team is on constant hand to help its customers in any way it can.

Comansa provides a full service solution in North America and Canada.

Through a “systems approach”, Comansa strives to assist customers and clients in whatever capacity they require from introductions, to bidding, site layout and planning, crane size and placement, assembly assistance, service, parts, training and freight.

A seamlessly link between our locations in North Carolina, Washington and Texas, and with a team of trained and skilled engineers, Comansa provides a full support in service, parts and engineering, backed by the headquarters in Spain.


Spare parts and components are essential to keep equipment functioning properly.

With over 12 acres of land and 30,000 sqf warehouse in 3 locations within the US, Comansa keeps in inventory a wide range of parts and components valued at $5 Million for servicing and upgrading cranes operating in America in a fast and efficient way.


American headquarters, located in Charlotte, NC, provide training services to customers so that technicians will be factory trained on Comansa cranes.

Local trainers are available in this location with more than 90 years combined experience and availability of real equipment and simulators so that the training is done in the best possible way.

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