Two Comansa tower cranes, the LCL310 luffing-jib model and the 21LC290 flat-top model (now the 21LC335), were used to help build the MahaNakhon tower in Bangkok, the tallest building in Thailand at 314 metres in height and boasting 77 stories.

Key aspects of the construction of the tallest building in Thailand:

  • The LCL310 luffing-jib crane was located at the base of the building and had a maximum load of 24 tonnes and a free-standing height of 40.4 metres
  • Thanks to its 60 metre luffing-jib, its short counter-jib, and its high load capacity, the 24t LCL310 worked quickly and efficiently to get the construction materials ready to be hoisted to the top of the building.
  • An 18t 21LC290 flat-top crane (now the 20t 21LC335) was located on the roof of the MahaNakhon tower, the tallest building in Thailand, with a 40 metre jib and a maximum load of 18 tonnes.
  • This crane featured Comansa’s internal climbing system, which quickly and safely elevated the crane, while maintaining two ties to the structure of the tallest building in Thailand.
  • This system meant great savings as only 11 tower sections were required, where an external crane would have needed more than 60 sections to reach 340 metres high.
  • This project used an 18t 21LC290 with an optional 110 kW hoist motor, allowing fast speeds to be reached and thus increasing productivity.
  • This motor also had a high-capacity hoist cable drum (with 1,280 metres of cable) so that the crane could permanently work with double reeving at its maximum capacity of 18 tonnes.
  • The 18t 21LC290 meant the construction of the tower’s central structure was completed in just 20 months.
  • The 24t LCL310 and 18t 21LC290 cranes worked on this project for 16 hours a day to meet the project’s demanding schedule.


Opening: 2016
Construction company: Bouygues-Thai
Developer: PACE Development Corporation Plc
Key partner: Smart (1994) Co. Ltd., the official Comansa dealer in Thailand, which carried out servicing work and trained the construction company´s assembly team.

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