A luffing-jib crane is characterized by the ability to raise and lower its jib, which allows it to reduce the turning radius.

The Luffing Series includes Comansa’s entire range of luffing-jib tower cranes. This type of crane is the best solution for very congested sites where there are buildings, other cranes or space limitations. Thanks to their luffing jibs, the tower cranes in Comansa’s luffing series offer optimal performance where horizontal-jib cranes are not able to move loads freely.

All Comansa’s luffing-jib cranes come with variable frequency in their slewing, hoist and luffing mechanisms to ensure safe and smooth movements.

Features of luffing-jib tower cranes

  • Level luffing system: coordination between luffing and hoist movements
  • Horizontal movement: automatically keeps the load at the same height
  • Long useful life: high-quality, long-lasting materials
  • CUBE cab: spacious and comfortable interior with optimal view of the load and the work area

Comansa offers a wide variety of luffing-jib tower crane models: