5LC3510 Flat-Top Crane

  • Reach: 114.8 ft
  • Jib-end load: 2 200 lb + 10% with PowerLift.
  • Maximum load: 8 820 or 11 020 lb

The smallest model in the entire Comansa range has a maximum reach of up to 114.8 ft, where it can load up to 2 200 lb, or 2 430 lb when the operator uses the PowerLift system, which comes standard equipped. The 5LC3510 comes in two versions with maximum loads of 8 820 and 11 020 lb.

Both versions have optional hoist mechanisms that adapt the crane speed to needs of the project.

Technical features

  Maximum load Reach Jib-end load Technical
data sheet
Normal PowerLift
5LC3510 4t 8 820 lb 114.8 ft 2 200 lb 2 430 lb
5LC3510 5t 11 020 lb 114.8 ft 2 200 lb 2 430 lb


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