Cranes in action

Cranes in action

Comansa skyscraper crane builds the Guadalupe mixed use tower in Austin


Recently Blue Hat Crane, the equipment division of the JE Dunn Construction company, erected a Comansa skyscraper crane to build the 6X Guadalupe Mixed use Tower.

Cranes in action

Comansa cranes build a luxury residential complex in Nigeria


Contractor ITB Nigeria is using 6 Comansa cranes for the construction of the "Azuri Peninsula" apartments, developed by Eko Development Company in a brand new city on reclaimed land in Lagos

Cranes in action

Powerful presence of Comansa tower cranes in Seattle


Many Comansa tower cranes are currently working in different construction sites of the most populated city of the State of Washington, USA.

Cranes in action

Comansa installs a modular building on a Berlin rooftop


German rental and crane specialist BKL supplies a tower crane model 21LC750 for the Construction of a modular hotel on top of a shopping centre

Cranes in action

Comansa at the top of Bangkok


Two luffing-jib cranes build the residential towers of the Iconsiam project, one of them the highest in Thailand