p>For nearly 40 years, the Paducah Riverport had been using a Linden 8000 flat-top tower crane with a maximum load of 20 tonnes to move cargo coming in and out of the port and to load and unload barges. But in 2014, in an effort to adapt to the future, the Paducah Riverport decided to replace this crane and look for a port crane with a greater capacity.

The Paducah Riverport authorities decided to go with the same brand and purchased a Comansa 30LC1450 port crane with a maximum load of 48 tonnes.

Key aspects of the Paducah Riverport project:

  • The innovative design of the 30LC1450 port crane allows the upper part of the jib to be folded and unfolded, meaning it can be easily loaded into containers, this resulting in significant savings in terms of transport costs.
  • The variable-frequency drives for slewing, trolley and hoist movements give the port crane better control of load movements (particularly large containers) with lower electricity consumption.
  • The high-speed 200 kW motor means that the 30LC1450 crane can quickly load and unload the more than 400 barges handled by the Paducah Riverport each year.


Crane installation: 2014
Customer: Paducah/McCracken County Riverport Authority
Key partner: Heede Southeast Inc., a rental and service company based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Heede Southeast is one of Comansa´s long-standing customers in the United States and was responsible for assembling and commissioning the port crane, as well as subsequent maintenance work.

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