Comansa is organising an international tower crane photography contest

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Presenting the 1st Comansa Tower Crane Photography Contest, as a tribute to the operators, assemblers, constructors and all those who work day in, day out to turn construction projects around the world into reality.

There are many workers in the industry who have wanted to share their photos with Comansa in recent years, and they´ve selflessly sent us real works of art: incredible settings, spectacular views, stunning sunsets and sunrises... Now, that art could be rewarded. 

Comansa would like to invite all photography fans who snap shots related to our tower cranes to take part in our first photography contest, in which there will be two prizes of a special Comansa merchandising kit: Comansa model crane, bag, T-shirt, buff, thermos flask, mug, bottle, hat, mouse, notepad and pen.

  • Jury Prize: For the author of the best photo chosen by members of Comansa.
  • Public Prize: For the author of the photo with the most votes.

How to participate in the photography contest: 

Users who want to take part from Easypromos simply need to access the application created for the contest and, once there, click “participate”, fill in the form, and upload a photo (or a maximum of three) related to the contest´s theme (Comansa´s tower cranes in action), along with a description (crane model, type of project, city, etc.). Each user can have up to three entries.

In addition, you can participate from Twitter or Instagram, provided that you do so using a public profile, mentioning @comansacranes and using the hashtag #ComansaPhotoContest when you publish your photos with a description.

  • Photos can be uploaded between 22 November and 9 December.
  • The public will be allowed to vote between 22 November and 17 December.
  • Comansa will announce the winners during the week starting 20 December.

(Legal bases of the contest on Easypromos)